Castello Odescalchi: The PARK

The current reality of the park surrounding the castle is the result of constant attention of the owners to preserve a rare and precious corner of the Mediterranean landscape. It was designed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century by increasing natural vegetation and taking care of the natural features already existing.

The main aspect of the flora is characterised by the majestic presence of pine trees and a wide variety of palms, agaves combined with typical Mediterranean shrubs (privet, wild olive, pittosporum). During spring and summer you can admire rose blooms, agapanthus, plumbago, bougainvillea and wisteria with its characteristic purple bunches.

Very fascinating is the presence within the courtyard of cactus plants of exceptional size, planted by Prince Baldassarre Odescalchi, who had brought them with him from his travels in South America. In summer they give generously nocturnal blooms.

The park can be visited during the extraordinary opening of the Castle gardens. Visit our Facebook page to receive all updates.